Who I am


I'm your content ghost writer. I have what it takes and know what to write to bring your website blog (or other feature -- but I do blogs best, actually) to where you can be discovered by those grumpy web crawlers. I've written hundreds of blogs and for a variety of customers -- Helium, BrightHub, BlogMutt, Writer Access, as well as a few independent gigs.


As you can tell by the gray hair, I'm no spring chicken, but I used to fly with the eagles during my 25-year Navy career. I'm retired now, but nowhere near tired. I will admit that a few students I had during my adjunct instructor days pretty much tired me out. I taught office computing and for ten years I was a vocational education specialist at the College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California.


That was then, and this is now. Now I'm a home fixture and spend my spare time freelance writing, making a buck or two and having a chuckle now and again on line. I live on the Rocky Mountains' front range south of Denver, Colorado, with my wife and best friend of many, many years. Life is good, so don't worry about getting old.


Why I do this


Writing gives me a reason to put my pants on in the morning, although I've been known not to get fully dressed until at least 11 a.m. I doubt whether I could make a living freelancing. It's altogether soul-sucking sometimes, but it's like teaching in some ways. Every so often you get that shout-out or praise that makes it somehow worth the effort. Also, the part-time money I earn proves, as Sally Fields once gushed at her Academy Award presentation, "They like me! They really, really like me!"


What I can do for you

Are you hankering for Google and Bing to crawl over and nestle up to your website? You can't do that with just lackluster, generic (and boring) content. Without going through all that technobabble rigamarole about SEO, semantic SEO and key-/adwords, the bottom line is that you need decent writing. If your own writing talents fall short of decent, or if you're just too doggone busy hyping and hawking your wares, call on me. I'll be there waiting to write for you.
Come on. You know you want me. My rates are reasonable -- just $35 for a short (250-350 word) piece -- 15 cents/word for longer articles, or more, depending on the amount of research and technical difficulty. Satisfaction guaranteed, or I get to keep your money (heh-heh).
Seriously, folks, I've written hundreds and hundreds of blog posts, articles, white papers and have edited a few resumes for aspirants of all ages. You can see what many customers have said about my work on my Verblio Profile Page. Looking for specialized content and articles? Click on my Tempesta Media Link. I have also made a buck or two at Writer Access. Click on the link and access my profile.


Links to My Portfolios

My Writer Access Profile
My Ndash Profile
My eBooks for sale
My Articles on Tempesta Media

Social Links


My Facebook Page
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My Navy Service Timeline


May 19, 2014

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Recent blogs:

Welcome to my Website. I'm using this site as a single location for my collection of writing and as a portfolio for prospective clients. Please stop by from time to time for a chuckle, groan or simply to learn something different.


I have some by-lined blog samples on my by-lines blogs page. Check them out.


Check out my poems page. It might change your mind about poetry -- one way or the other (heh-heh).


I am an experienced tutor -- Social Studies, Writing "y español."


Looking for a writing tutor or editor? I can do that. Also, I tutor beginning and intermediate  Spanish and History on line using Wyzant.


Click here for a free lesson.

Here is a direct link to my tutoring profile. 

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